Cognos BI Login

Cognos Business Intelligence Login

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (“Cognos BI”) is the USSE’s standard application for reporting from USSE and Telecom data warehouses.

Current Cognos BI users can log in here:  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (“IE”) is the best browser for Cognos BI.  If Internet Explorer is your default browser, you can just click the link; otherwise, copy/paste the URL into IE.

New Cognos BI users will first need to get access to the data source(s) from which you will pull data.

Once your data access has been approved, you’ll need to do a one-time setup procedure.

  • Launch the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.
    • Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner to access the menu underneath.
    • Click ‘Compatibility View settings’.
    • Enter “” in the ‘Add this website:’ box.
    • Click ‘Add’.
    • Click ‘Close’.
  • After the setup procedure is complete, sign on using the link above.  Here is the login procedure:
    • Enter the namespace that corresponds to your campus or institution:
      • TRU campuses: either EOULDAP, OITLDAP, SOULDAP, or WOULDAP.
      • On the OSU campus: ONID.
      • On the PSU or UO campus: USSE.
    • Click “OK”.
    • Enter the user ID and password that corresponds to your campus or institution:
      • TRU campuses: campus network ID and password.
      • OSU campus: ONID ID and password.
      • PSU/UO campuses: ID and password you were issued.
    • Click “OK”.

If you’re having issues with Cognos BI, email and let us know.  The most common error that we see is an expired Oracle password.  For more information on how to recognize this error, and how to fix it, please view Oracle Password Changes in Cognos BI.

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